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We are able to produce hundreds of varied pallet & crate sizes and configurations. We maintain high inventory levels of stock to ensure quick shipments, as well as having a large inventory of wooden material within our on-site warehouse.

A range of custom wooden pallet sizes available

We understand the growing needs of our clients, and the importance of providing suitable shipping platforms to guarantee the safe delivery of your products. It’s highly important to ensure that the dimensions of our pallets, meet the specifications of your product and guidelines.

We typically stock common sizes of pallets and shipping containers which are typically used within most industries, we are also able to create pallets which are substantially larger, or smaller than regular sized pallets.

Unmatched Pallet Delivery

A large fleet of vehicles travel from Canada and the USA on a regular basis, which means that we are able to provide affordable shipping rates, which is often much lower than the competition are able to provide. This also means that we can facilitate both small and large orders.

Whatever your pallet requirements, our helpful staff are ready to assist you with your needs.